Don't worry, we know where the secret entrance is... 
Regents Canal, Camden - July 19th, 2014
The end of the great recession is nigh*
*Subject to terms and conditions 
*Please ignore the inflation
Westminster - June 20, 2014 (Lasted 2 hours)


The Penguins have escaped from London Zoo! 

London Zoo - Regents Canal - June 28th 2014
99 Problems but a piss ain't one
Picadilly Circus - July 5th 2014
The darker side of Mrs Krabappel
Cock Lane - June 29 2014
Liz and Phil's - quick morning tour.
24th July 2014
Beware the man with only one book
Speakers Corner, Hyde Park - June 8, 2014
Dance monkeys, we're in charge now
Front steps of the Bank of England - 5th June 2014 - 7am lasted 2 hours
London Loves Anonymous
Leake Street - 29th July 2014 
The return of Saddam
Regents Canal - August 2014 


Waterskiing Queens Guard
Regents Canal - September 2014